Friday, April 27, 2007

Posted by Johnnymac 4:17 PM
"Hey, Mrs Johnnymac, you wrapped the baby in that Astros blanket!"

"Yeah, it's the only dry one we have. He's wet on all the other ones."

"Well, who do you think his favorite player is?"


(Laughing) "You mean El Caballo?"

"Yeah, that guy. What's so funny?"

"That's probably not a nickname any sports player would want."

"Oh. Well, you had better not blog about this."

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Posted by Johnnymac 9:20 PM
So Mrs Johnnymac and I spent most of the weekend waiting on Baby Johnnymac to show up. He was not obliging. We went for walks, we tried having her take a hot bath, we ate spicy food, we went for more walks, and... nothing. All day Saturday, all day Sunday. Nothing. He was a week late and didn't seem to be intent on being born anytime soon.

Around 4:00 on Sunday afternoon we took a nap for about an hour and then decided to take a walk before going over to a neighbor's house for dinner. We were about 5 minutes away from the house when Mrs Johnnymac said, "I think I just had a real contraction." We kept walking and then about 5 minutes later, "I think I had another one."

Yada. Yada. Yada. Hospital. Etc. Etc.

When it was all over at 8:57 on Monday morning, I finally got to meet this guy:

As you can see, he was worth the wait. Healthy as a horse and about as big as one, given the extra time he had to cook.

As you can also probably see, he was born on Monday and it's just now Wednesday and I'm writing a blog post about him, which means we just got home this afternoon. Things have been pretty hectic for the past few hours (days, really) and he's been spending a lot of time with Mom since we got home, but I made him promise that we have a date to watch the Astros tomorrow night and I'm going to make sure he doesn't miss it.

Let me tell you, I can't wait for tomorrow night to get here.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Posted by Dr Fro 5:57 PM
There is a lot of buzz on the poker blogs about this story about Phil Ivey. If you have the time, give it a read. It is long, but (regardless of whose side of the story is the truth) it sheds some light on how shady (did you catch that?) the world of professional gambling can be.

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Posted by Dr Fro 4:54 PM
From the mailbag:


From: Feather
To: Dr. Fro
Subject: WSOU

Maybe we could play this next year instead of poker:

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Posted by Johnnymac 10:22 PM
I swear, Brad Lidge is the new Jay Powell. Ugh.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Posted by Johnnymac 7:19 PM
1459th place, baby. And the funny thing is, I didn't even feel like I was trying at all... It was that easy!

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Posted by Johnnymac 6:57 PM
"Fan of the Game"

The "new" blogger still sucks, so I am having trouble getting youtube to post this video. Nonetheless, here is a link to some crazy Chowdaheads. I went to college in Boston and used to love going to Fenway Park because of moments like these.

"You want some of this?"

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Posted by Junelli 1:20 PM
Wooden Spoon Prank

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Posted by Dr Fro 2:52 PM
Straight from the horse's mouth
A guest blog, written by the esteemed tournament director, KTL:
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
This weekend I hosted a $50 NLHE tournament at my house. I am not sure why I wanted to host a tournament but, once Ms. KL gave the okay, I went full speed ahead planning the tourney. There ended up being 26 players (3 tables) comprised mostly of other accountants, a lawyer, 2 IT guys, a college student and a few others. Overall, I would say the field had an above average skill level.

The blind structure was not aggressive, especially early on, and the tourney was expected to last until about 11:30pm and we started about 4:15pm. The most interesting part of the structure is that I allowed limited rebuys during the first 2 hours. Phreaux and I thought there would only be a couple of rebuys. My thought behind the limited rebuy was preventing someone from being out in the first 5 minutes - not changing how the game was played. Well, we blew that one. There were 11 rebuys in the 2 hour window. I am not sure if the rebuys were caused by overaggressive play or just "bad" luck. Either way, the result was an additional $440 in the $1,300.

After the rebuy period, players started dropping fast and we were down to 2 tables rather quickly. Soon after consolidating to 2 tables, Kings cracked Aces on the river and we were down to 15 players. CCM, Phreaux and I went out in succession and we were down to 1 table (for future reference this was around 10pm).

My night was mostly filled with bad cards, missed draws and bad calls. I played about 5 hands in the first 2 hours. I re-bought when my Td4d met Ad2d and 3 other diamonds. I caught a little run when I twice flopped a straight limping into the pot with weak cards (T9o, 86o). My downfall occurred at the 13 player mark when I put ~2,500 chips into a pot with AJ against AQ, an ace came on the flop and I could not get away from it.

The play at the final table took awhile but the blinds eventually caught up to the group and the pace picked up. My brother-in-law (the college student) ultimately bested one of the accountants to win the $700 grand prize (around 11:30pm).

At this point, Phreaux and CCM had rounded up enough people to play a cash game. The stakes were similar to our regular Sunday game ($40 buy-in rotating between NLHE and Omaha Hi-Lo). I joined the cash game and so did Ms. KL when she returned from the "poker widows" dinner. Around midnight we were playing 8 handed in the cash game… and we were still playing at 3:30am. I lost a large pot to Phreaux on the last hand when, after consuming keg beer for 11 hours, I made a stupid call in Omaha. Phreaux realized he had to be super dad in about 3 hours and I realized that I had not stayed up this late in years so we shut it down. Phreaux cashed out almost $132 profit, Ms. KL $53 profit (I am so proud!), I lost $40 and CCM… well let's just say he was not positive.

All and all a wonderful experience. I am glad that I decided to host and I look forward to the 2nd KL Poker Tourney. I am now taking sign-ups and suggestions for next April.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Posted by Dr Fro 8:52 PM

Yesterday's tournament was the most fun I've had in a really long time. Of course, I don't play $5-$10 NL with Phil Laak, so that isn't much of a stretch.

KTL will (possibly) have a more complete post on this, but here is my take.

Twenty six guys showed up. Ultimately, there were 7 re-buys, so there were 33 buy-ins in the pot.

I sat down with the best guy in the tournament to my left. It is in the nature of a poker player to overestimate his ability, so it shouldn't surprise you to know that I fancied myself the 2nd best player in the tournament. Feather was happy to have me at his right, and I was disappointed to have him on my left.

I love home tournaments. I think the strategy is simple: play small pots, avoid trouble. There are enough bad players that will eventually make a monumental mistake that there is no point in trying to eke out tiny amounts of positive EV at every opportunity. Time is your friend. Wait, and the fish will bite.

About 2 hours in, I quadrupled up with Jack-King-off (hee hee) when I flopped top two pair and three people that had no business in calling called.

In the next 4 hours, I won 8 hands. At one point, I *only* called when holding 99 looking at a board of K3389. That was the best decision I made all day, as Feather had KK. I still can't believe I did that. Sure, the best decision would have been a fold, but dude, I had a boat. The lack of a raise was my finest moment. My inner audience clapped loudly.

We were down to 12 people and for the first time, my M was single digits (on a side note, one guy at my table couldn't spell "M" if you spotted him two letters). Time to find an opportunity to push. Now? no. Now? no. Now? no. Now? hmmmmm...Fatboy Slim just came over the iPod and weighed in:

Right about now, funk soul brutha

Good point, what do I have? Pocket sevens. Hmmmm. What would Fatboy do?

Right about now, funk soul brutha

Oh yeah.

"Your turn, Fro"

Let me think.

Right about now, funk soul brutha

Crap. One of my major points of strategy in tournaments is to avoid "races" and especially to avoid situations where the best I can hope for is a race. Fuuuuuug. Let me consult the voice in my head:

Right about now, funk soul brutha

"All in"

"Call. Pocket 10's"

I had him covered. After losing, my M was 2.1, and I had learned the valuable lesson of not consulting with Fatboy Slim on poker hands. I was in the big blind, which put my stack at 1.1x the BB. With four callers, I made a great "move" by saying "all in" and then fiddling around with my chips for a while and watching two people fold. Only one limper was left, and he had the presence of mind to ask me how much I had left. When I counted my chips, both folders let out profanity of frustration over their (now apparent) stupid fold. His presence of mind paid off, as I got eliminated right there. 12th place and out $50.

My biggest takeaway from the tournament was how many chips I saved by making big folds. This is my biggest strength in a tournament: applying the adage, "he who turns and walks away, lives to fight another day."

Then came the cash game. I was myself: quiet, polite, courteous and humble.

And then monkeys flew out of my butt.

I bought in for $40 and quadupruled up in the short time span from the buy-in to 3a.m. I was able to exercise my greatest strength in a cash game: talking people into doing what I want them to do. I don't know why, but this skill increases in the wee hours of the night. When the alcohol flows, the fatigue sets in, the adrenaline (over)compensates and the smack goes into overdrive, I actually become Obi Wan Kenobe.

"These aren't the droids you are looking for. Fold your top pair with the slightly better kicker than mine. Good boy."

Although blogs are inherently here for the purpose of the bloggers to stroke their ego, I do not offer the above for the (sole) purpose of stroking my ego on my success last night.

No, I am reflecting on the night because it gets me so damn excited about going to Vegas in 3 weeks. You see, in Vegas, it isn't hard to find poker players swimming in a pool of alcohol, adrenaline, fatigue and susceptibility to Jedi mind tricks. It's like finding Cheetos in Junell's pantry. The opportunities are everywhere.

And I will be all over them.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Posted by Dr Fro 12:23 PM
I love Sharkscope. You get 5 free lookups a day, and since I often just play one 6-man SNG per day, I can look up all of my opponents. My results were recently updated with the comment, "Super Hot". Either Sharkscope was checking out my picture on this blog or they have been watching me play lately. I can't lose.

A couple days ago, I took a wicked bad beat to end up with $30 in chips to my heads-up opponent's stack of $1,970. The blinds were $150-$300. He was talking smack in the chat box, being a real jerk. I think he tempted fate with the gambling gods, because I doubled through several times and won the SNG. I couldn't resist firing back his comments to him.

So, here are my results:

UsernameGames PlayedAv. ProfitAv. StakeAv. ROITotal ProfitFormNetworkFilter
phreaux 71$2 $8 23%$132 Super

(All that space before the table is not there for effect...the blogger software sometimes sucks and I don't know how to fix that.)

Anyway, I hope to take my super hot streak to a 30-man $50 tournament today, although I don't think my SNG skill necessarily carries over to a multi-table tournament. We will see.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Posted by Dr Fro 2:53 PM
I found this little nugget comparing the seven traditional basketball powerhouses (a.k.a. the "Big Seven") and their relative success since the inception of each program:

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Posted by Johnnymac 9:56 AM
So my last post was over a month ago. What have I been doing? Well, I did pretty well in Fro's NCAA pool - if only UCLA had won one more game I would have finished in the money - but mainly I've been busy moving back into my house and waiting for Baby Johnnymac to be born. I have house pictures to share today, but as yet, no baby pictures.

Just so you know what you're looking at in the before and after, in the kitchen, we removed the laundry room (behind the red wall in the old photo) and moved the washer and drier to the hallway closet and replaced the tank water heater with an exterior tankless model (which after a month of use, I HIGHLY recommend). Where the laundry room used to be is now the bar area (the glass cabinets in the photo) and computer desk. The refrigerator, oven, and kitchen sink are in roughly the same place as before, too, and we added a bar/prep sink.

In the master bathroom, the toilet in the master bathroom never moved and the new shower is where the old bathtub used to be. We borrowed a lot of space from the old HUGE bedroom and expanded the size of the bathroom and closet quite a bit.

We also replaced most of the existing terrazzio tile floor with wood floors and we replaced all of the windows on the house, but pictures of windows are kind of boring. Let me tell you, though, the new ones are nice and quiet and not nearly as drafty. There is a huge difference.

This was just Phase 1 of the remodel, too. In 5 years or so, after a couple of babies have been born, we're probably going to start wanting more space and in that case we'll probably start looking to enclose the patio and rebuild the garage and put a poker palace on top. Until then, this is a pretty good start.

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Posted by Dr Fro 7:06 PM

Look at that winning percentage. Not quite the 100% from a couple weeks ago, but this time I actually had an opponent.

Things are looking pretty good on the Dr Fro front....pretty good, I'd say. I'm Dr Fro, the most powerful food critic in town, who will never get his comeuppance! You hear me? No comeuppance!

(editor's note: I see that the picture came out a bit funny....that is phreaux winning 31 of 45 hands, and no, I did not win $510; I won $10.)

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Posted by Dr Fro 10:19 PM
I'm gonna bring this all the way back to Austin, Texas, Baby!

Pokerpages tells us that Clonie is A BRUNETTE! Omigosh. That, and some little thing about legaliztion of "Holdem" in, of all places, Texas. What will they think of next?

Clonie said, "As a professional poker player I made over $500,000 last year playing poker. We just really want [poker] controlled and regulated, so that everyone, like myself - I'm a mother of two children - could have a safe environment to be able to play poker."

Me too, babe, I just want a world where our children can be safe from us getting hurt at illegal card rooms. I also worry about the starving kids in Africa, and if you oppose poker in Texas, then you don't support the troops. God bless puppies.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Posted by Dr Fro 11:17 AM
I came across this when cleaning out my harddrive. The original author is unknown, but one of the cast of characters, Junell, is our very own Junelli.

+ + + + + + + +

Spencer's Wedding Memoirs - circa 1997

I am relating the facts as best as I can (since I was throwing up by 11pm).


5:00 pm Talk to Barclay on the phone and explain to him that I will be going to bed early tonight so we can get an early start on the road the next day. This will enable us to have enough time to go to Lake Charles before the wedding.

10:47 pm At the Handle Bar in Beaumont, TX, Andrew Spencer, dressed in a sear-sucker suit is playing pool against two homos. The homos try to beat up Spencer, but he uses his diplomacy to avoid certain disaster.


4:00 am I stumble into bed drunk.

10:45 am Wake up by alarm.

11:30 am Pick up Junell’s date, Janna, for him, as he went to Beaumont on Friday. While she packs her bags, we discuss various gentlemen’s clubs in Houston. She tells me that she likes the Men’s Club more than she likes Babe’s. She explains that the food there is much better and cheaper. In addition, the chicks at Babe’s are all fat. I think to myself, “Junell is getting laid tonight”

1:20 pm Now Barclay, Janna, and I have eaten, filled up with gas, gone to the bank, etc. and we are on the way down I-10. I realize that I forgot my suit shoes. We discuss the pros and cons of returning to get my shoes. Pro - I will have shoes to wear at the wedding. Con - Going back will cut into our gambling time by approximately 15 minutes. We decide to move onward and worry about the shoes later.

1:45 pm Junell gets his first birdie on a par 3 at Beaumont Country Club

3:26 pm We arrive at Lake Charles. We play blackjack for 2 hours. Barclay and I quickly go down approximately $200 each. Not good. As Safety Dance plays in the background, I up my bet to $50 per hand. I’m dealt a pair of 3’s to the dealer’s 7. Anybody that was in Lake Charles for Ferruzzo’s bachelor party understands the significance of that hand. This time I do not split and I win $50. I ride the streak until I’m up
$4. We leave with 1.5 hours till the wedding.

6:30 pm Get to hotel. Junell didn’t leave us a key. We have 30 minutes. We run into McAdams, get his key and I shower in his room while Barclay cleans his armpits in the sink. He says, “It’s all about the pits, Friou”.

7:02:32 pm Meredith McAdams tells her husband, “It looks like they won’t make it on time”

7:02 :36 pm We slide in the back door of the church.

7:02:38 pm The ceremony begins. I’m wearing suede loafers.

7:04 pm Amy Green walks down the aisle and I think of all the dirty things my friends have done with that girl. [censored]

7:06 pm As Portia walks down the aisle and everyone is supposed to have all eyes on her, Junell is trying to ask me in sign language how much money we won/lost in Lake Charles. I send him the appropriate signals. I’m wearing suede loafers.

8:25 pm Houston Lane tries to explain the ins and outs of the communication industry to Berkley and Jay Dyer.

8:37 pm I’m talking to Amy Green at the reception. I accidentally fart. I tried to divert her attention from the smell. It didn’t work.

8:39 pm Berkley tells Houston that she has to go to the ladies’ room. She gets up and goes straight to David Newton and listens to him explain the amazing coincidences between the Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. She didn’t have to go to the restroom. She finds Newton relatively interesting.

8:43 pm The band plays “The Eyes of Texas”. Immediately afterwards, Junell belts out his best tuba and the KA Fall ’91 pledge class all sings "Texas Fight" while the entire wedding looked at us in horror. McAdams blows a wad in his pants halfway through the song. We then sing Dixie, but none of the bartenders chime in.

9:26 pm I tell Andrew Spencer, “Check out that hot girl (Portia) in the white dress.” Andrew’s retort is, “Five bucks says I take her home and [censored] her tonight.” Classic Spencer.

10:24 pm The guests leave. I can’t find Barclay. I go inside and find him talking to a group of Portia’s friends. He has a bottle of champagne in his hand; he is drinking straight from the bottle. I approach him and he hands me the bottle. I take a sip as he knocks over a drink and the glass shatters. All of Portia’s family turns to find me with bottle-in-mouth and Barclay gives the shrug-and-point so as to indicate that I
broke the glass.

11:15 pm Barclay and I are in a convenient mart in the bad part of town to buy malt liquor. This isn’t all that odd until you consider that I was wearing an Elvis wig and Elvis sunglasses. It goes well with the suede shoes. I am standing in the middle of the hood. This hood was the equivalent to Compton 10 minutes after Rodney King verdict. The best thing about it is that I am buying two Schlitz Malt Liquors and a Dr. Pepper. I am surrounded by large black men waiting in line. Junell is in the car a little worried that I might not make it out alive. After I emerge from the store, Junell is having trouble deciding which thing saved my life, the malt liquor or the wig. They were all too busy laughing to rob me.

11:22 pm Junell meets a fat girl from Mexia, Texas. Everybody is talking about going to a bar called the Handle Bar.

12:03 am I lose Barclay and hop into a stranger’s car. I say, “Take me to the Handle Bar.” No one is there, so we go back to the hotel.

12:13 am The hotel explains that there are 2 Handle Bars. I hop into another strange car and say, “Take me to the Handle Bar.” No one is there, so we go back to the hotel. I see Barclay. He tells me to get into the car he is in and that we are going to the Handle Bar. I explain that we can’t - I’ve tried going and it doesn’t work. Maybe it was that my line of reasoning made no sense or maybe it was the fact that I was wearing an Elvis wig and sunglasses, but the driver ignored me and proceeded on. We (at Barclay’s request) stopped at Jack in the Box. Barclay went inside. He neither bought food nor used the men’s room. He came back to the car and inquired what we were doing there. Dumbass. Meanwhile, I, complete with Elvis, am behind the dumpster, throwing up Gulf shrimp. Barclay comes over to me, takes the wig and glasses, puts them on, and forces me back in the car.

1:13 am Now in the McAdams’ room, I listen to Meredith say that she can’t sleep. She just loves Sean so much and she worries about him when he goes out. I tell her that there is nothing to worry about.

1:13 am While spraying Copenhagen into everyone’s eyes, Sean tells a group of about 20 patrons of the Handle Bar, “Meredith is mad at me again. What’s new? Aaaggghhptt.”

1:14 am John Edwards asks the hot blonde waitress to come back to our hotel. She apparently told him she would. Actual quote from Edwards, "No shit Junell. She wants my penis."

1:15 am With Elvis wig on, Barclay joins a Beaumont Kelly High School reunion at the hotel. He is talking a guy that says, “Hey, you were that crazy guy from chemistry class.” Barclay’s retort is, “I like you Clarence. I always have.”

2:00 am Junell convinces the fat girl to come back to the hospitality suite.

2:15 am Barclay is kicked out of the reunion. Evidently, he incorrectly answered the organizer of the event when asked what year he graduated.

2:30 am Junell is on top of the fat girl. The bed almost breaks. There are witnesses.

3:47 am I wake up to throw up in the McAdams’ toilet. I return to my spot on the floor and notice smoke coming out of Meredith’s ears. No Sean.

4:22 am John Edwards asks Sean where Meredith is. Sean replies, “Who cares? We’re raging.” John says, “Aren’t you married?” Sean says, “Aaaggghhptt.”

5:00 am Junell dismounts his beast and everyone goes to bed.

5:30 am Barclay is sitting by the pool. He is wearing an Elvis wig. He doesn’t know which room we are staying in.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Posted by Dr Fro 2:36 PM
Lots of funnies at Life's a Bluff:

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Posted by Dr Fro 8:52 AM

The Astros lost last night to start the season 0-1. Extrapolate that over the season, and they look to go 162-0. By most standards, that is a very bad season. At the same time, Edgar Rentaria hit 2 homers yesterday. Extrapolate that, and he looks to hit 324 homeruns this year. Even in the Steriod Age, that would be considered an above average season.

OK, I am being a bit silly. Extrapolating results from a small sample size is not very meaningful. That said, no sooner than I put up my SNG results did I play three more and won them all. So I am really starting to think that I am on to something.

One of the hardest things in poker for me is figuring out if/when my results are just short-term volatility and when they are truly indicative of a winning strategy. One thing I do know is that I have had slumps and rolls that have lasted months, so I think that looking at results over less than 50 sessions is not likely to reveal much. But I think there is another thing to consider; we'll call it the margin of victory.

I think any time you have a session where a single hands was the difference between winning and losing, it is hardly meaningful to extrapolate those results in figure out your long term EV. Take Sunday night, had the river counterfeited my big hand, I would have lost $80. Instead I won $48. It would not be intellectually honest to look at my victory and declare that I was the best poker player at the table.

Contrast that with my SNG success. Though I don't have the stats on this, I would guess that in 90% of the SNGs, I never had less than 35% of the chips and I rarely was all-in and covered by the other guy's stack. Thus, it was a pretty big margin of victory each time. So, I don't have trouble saying that I think my recent success in SNGs could fairly accurately be extrapolated to approximate my long-term EV.

Unfortuntately, winning ~$10 a pop means that I will have to play a SNG ever day from now until kingdom come to be able to afford to buy into that $10-$20 NL game with Phil Laak.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Posted by Dr Fro 8:22 PM
Last night, we had many drinks and played NLHE in the lobby bar of the Four Seasons in Austin. I won a $128 pot at the end of the night to end up +$48 on the night. The hand? Motown. Nothing but premium starting hands for this poker player.

The whole ordeal made me think of the bill in the Texas legislature right now that would legalize poker in bars. I really like this idea. Do you realize how many completely wasted dudes will wander up to the table and dump all of their money? You don't? The answer is: a lot.

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Posted by Dr Fro 9:21 AM
After being busy for most of March running my basketball pool, I am back to poker and blogging.
For the past few weeks, I have been (almost) exclusively playing small buy-in SNGs. The buyin is typcially between $5 and $10, and I either play 6-man or 2-man tournaments. I have done well.
Out of 23 2-man tournaments, I have won 14 for a profit of $22.25.
Out of 11 6-man tournaments, I have won 1st place 5 times and 2nd place once for a profit of $89.70.
This is a far stretch from playing $10-$20 NLHE with Phil Laak in Vegas, no doubt, but I have neve been comfortable playing for high stakes on the internet for a variety of reasons discussed ad naseum here in the past. But (I haven't done the math) it seems that I can do much better per hour at these tiny SNGs than I can at higher stakes ring games. So, I will keep at it.
My strategy on the 6-man SNGs has been as follows:
  1. In the early stages, the maniacs will be trying to get all their money in and double up. Even though my hand may be very good and even though I know that theirs likely is not, I just fold and let the field narrow. Typically we get down to 4 guys pretty quickly.
  2. In the middle rounds, I play like a cash game, but fairly passive. I don't bother raising to protect my hand. If a guy draws out on me, fine, I just fold. I am just looking to survive and maybe pick up some small pots along the way. I never call another man's all-in bet with anything short of the nuts.
  3. In the late stages, it is typically risk-averse guys still around, so I become hyper-aggressive. The blinds are so high that if there is betting on every street, the players will end up all in anyway, so I figure I might as well get it all in pre-flop. I watch these guys get blinded to death and we often end up with me and one other player. At that point, it is a coin toss, and we are both in the money. Getting past the bubble often makes the other player loosen up, so I slow down a bit and just play poker.

This has worked well for me. Probably the overriding theme to my approach is to, until the late stages, avoid volatility in my stack - even if I think I am ahead. By surviving to the late stages, I can take advantage of both my image of being tight and the risk-aversion of my opponents by getting aggressive.

I used to think the juice was too high on SNGs. Not any more. Consider that in a $10 heads-up SNG, you pay $1 juice. That sounds high, but consider this:

I recently sat down at a 2-man ring game and both of us were in for $11.50. It took me about 30 minutes to get all of his money which is about as long as a SNG would have taken. My gross cash out was $19.42. Subtract $11.50 and that is $7.92 in winnings. Compare that to his $11.50 buy-in and the juice taken out of the table was $3.58. In a SNG, it would have been 2x$1=$2. So, based on this experiment, the juice seems better in a SNG. Combine that with an apparent higher RPH and EV, and you (CCM) know where to find me from now on. At least for now.

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The Doctor is IN

Dr Fro
aka "slow roller"

Which one is the fish?

aka "Sunday Stroller"

You go now!

Johnny Mac
aka "Chop Suey"

You got to know when to hold em;  Know when to Mo' em ...

aka "Mo roller"

Old School

"Baby's Daddy"

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