Friday, February 04, 2005

Posted by Junelli 10:42 AM
Last night I went back to Northside for the $2-$5 PL game (with Morris this time). Yes I know that's 2 nights in a row, and yes I'm fully aware that I'm a degenerate junkie. But hey, Dabney had other plans and I would've been lonely sitting at home by myself.

Anyway, I wanted to write about my hand of the evening. I like writing these stories for two reasons. First, I enjoy hearing your comments. And second, I want to memorialize the events while they're still fresh on my mind, so that in a year or two (when I don't remember the facts), I can revisit it. If you don't like these posts let me know and I'll stop. Anyway, on to the hand...

We have a full table, and I was playing pretty well. Despite losing with some very strong hands (2pair vs. set, etc.), and going down early, I've managed to grind my way back up. I'm into the game for $600 but I have about $650 in front of me.

Across the table (in the 10 seat) is the most agressive guy at the table. He is a young college student from ATM, and I think he drove in for the game. He bought in for $500 and hit some big hands early. At one point he had $1,100 in front of him, but over the course of 3-4 hours he gave some of it back. The kid was not a horrible player, but I hadn't seen anything that impressed me.

At one point he raised $25 preflop approx 10 hands in a row. If he was in the hand, you could expect that it would cost $25. Also, some showdowns revealed that he wasn't always as strong as he represented (A9, KQ, AQo, etc.).

There are really 2 hands that must be mentioned. The first one I'll call the "setup hand." I'm dealt 33 with a flop of TT3. I flop a full house. He begins betting into me. I smooth call on the flop, but pop him for a raise on the turn. He folds (the right decision) and gives me the $200 pot. Of course I don't show my hand, and he is visibly pissed off as he believes he laid down a winner. This belief is further reinforced by several other players at the table berating him for folding. Aside: I also have an aggressive table image, and they've seen me make pot sized bets with top pair no kicker, middle pair, etc. Several players are verbally making comments that I'm running over the table, and that he should've called me.

I knew immediately the significance of that hand. He was stewing, and for the next several minutes, was shaking his head and gruffing about folding to me. He was clearly on tilt (even though he still had over $600 in front of him). You may not believe me, but I leaned over to Morris and whispered, "That hand is really bothering him. Watch, because he's going to self-destruct within the hour."

It actually took only 15 minutes. I'm dealt 88 in the SB. He limps from early position, along with a couple of others. I raise $20 to go. He reraises me $40, making it $60 straight. Everyone folds around to me. I really consider folding it because in my mind, I'm either a 4:1 dog or it's a 50:50 race. I like to avoid either of these situations when a lot of my chips are at stake. And since he and I are the clear chip leaders at the table, it's a pretty good bet this hand is going to get nasty. Last, there's the chance that he's still steaming and trying to steal my pot. I decide to call.

Pot is about $130 before the flop. Flop does not help me at all. Axx. I'm terrified of the Ace as there's a very good chance he's holding AA, AK, AQ, etc. I pull chips out and am about to bet at the pot to see where I am (would've been a terrible mistake). I stack the chips, think about it, look at him for a second, and then put the chips back and check.

He checks!

Turn is a beautiful, wonderful, glorious 8. And I swear that when the 8 fell, I heard a hymn from above.

I check, and he quickly bets the pot ($130). I pause and act like I'm trying to put him on a hand. And yes, I did consider the possibility that he held AA and that I might be virtually drawing dead, but I decide I can't lay it down, and I'm in it all the way (either I double up or go home). I raise the pot making it $520 straight.

He quickly stands up and announces all-in (for about $175 more). I call. He has AK and is drawing dead. I scoop the enormous pot while he looks like he's about to cry. I try to offer some consoling words, "Sorry about that man." "That was a tough one." He won't look at me, and doesn't say a word. He paces the room for 3-4 minutes and then storms out the door.

I must say that it was a very good feeling being able to mix it up with the chip leading table bully and bust him out. I continued to do well and left with an $800 profit on the night.

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Posted by Blogger Dr Fro, at 3:23 PM, February 05, 2005  

"Turn is a beautiful, wonderful, glorious 8. And I swear that when the 8 fell, I heard a hymn from above. "

Man I know that feeling...once in a blue moon a card falls that does truly seem to be from heaven. I bet it felt great.


Posted by Blogger Johnnymac, at 8:45 PM, February 05, 2005  

God, that feels good, to hit a hand and know that you are going to win with it. Of course the only thing that feels better is to stick it in someone's ass and twist the handle and watch them self-destruct in response. Awesome.

What the hell was he doing slowplaying top-pair top-kicker? It's one thing to slowplay a strong hand if your opponent has a slim chance of catching up - it's another thing to slowplay something as relatively weak as top pair.

Nice job.


Posted by Blogger huge, at 4:01 PM, February 07, 2005  

nicely done, if there is one thing I can't stand it's underage bullies.


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