Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Posted by Junelli 12:36 PM
Here is my post for the first night in Vegas.

Morris and I arrived in Vegas on Wednesday evening. I wanted to get up there before everyone else because I needed to get a good uninterrupted session of poker under my belt before everyone else arrived. We went straight to the Bellagio with the intention of playing all night (we didn't have a hotel room Wednesday night).

The poker room at the Bellagio is currently being renovated, so they've created a new poker room adjacent to the construction (where the slot machines once sat). The new room is huge and had over 40 tables. The spread games were: 4-8, 8-16, 20-40, 2-5 NL, 10-20 NL, 30-60 Stud, and 80-160. There was also a high roller game of HORSE where each player had several hundred grand on the table. I didn't play that one... The room was packed all weekend, but the wait times weren't too long (less than 1 hour at all times). The $2-$5 NL had at least 5-6 full tables.

Morris and I sat down at the 2-5 NL game, and immediately slayed it. The players were very loose and generally passive. I got to see lots of free cards giving me plenty of opportunity to make my hands. More importantly however, you could fully expect to get paid off when you made your hand. I never got busted and was rolling from the start. After about 2 hours I was moved to the main game with about $900 (a $700 profit). One kid at the table had $3,700 in front of him which is quite remarkable for a $200 maximum buy-in game. He said he had been playing for 24 straight hours, and the fatigue clearly showed on him.

I doubled through him with AA in early position. I raised to $25 preflop and he smooth called (along with 2 others). The flop was T52 rainbow, and I began to set my trap. I led out with an underbet of $20, hoping to get raised (remember the pot was already $100). The chip leader took the bait and raised me to $120. The other 2 players folded, and I reraised making it $250 to go. He smooth called. The turn was a blank, and I immediately went all-in for $425. He went into the tank for about 2 minutes before finally calling with AT (top pair top kicker). My aces held up on the river and I took the huge $1,450 pot. Realizing that he was tired and making mistakes, he immediately cashed out and went home.

In all, we played for about 4 hours and I cashed out with a very nice profit of $1,881.

It was 12:30 am and we went to get something to eat at the Alladin. We also tried to get a hotel room, and unsuccessfully called 20 different hotels. Every one of them was booked solid. We had to stay up all night.

At 2am we went over to check out the new poker room at the MGM. It was very nice. The tables were top quality, and the room is extremely spacious. My only complaint was that the poker room is located directly next to a club, and the music was very loud. At certain points you couldn't hear people talking at the table because of the noise. The MGM spread some low limit games and 2 different NL games: $1-$2 NL (with a $100 max buy-in), and $2-$5 NL (with a $100-$500 buy-in). I played the $2-$5 game, and Morris played the $1-$2 game.

I bought in for $500 and was clearly the short-stack at the table. Seat 10 had over $2,000 and several other players had $1,200-$1,600. Only 1 or 2 had $500 or less. I played very tight and just folded for a couple of hours. I never really got any cards, but was able to bluff and pick a few pots (enough pots to pay for my blinds, drinks, etc.).

I do remember a fairly hot chick sitting directly to my left. She was a very solid player and had about $1,200 in chips. She kept talking trash to some of the other guys calling them "old men" and "girls". She would raise and immediately tell them to "fold like a girl" and that "they couldn't call that bet because they were scared." It was quite comical and everyone liked her.

Later she mixed it up with another big chip stack. She led out with a $50 bet on the flop. The guy to my right raised her to $200. She thought about it for a pretty good while and then asked if she "could see one card". He didn't answer. She reraised him to $400. He pondered for about 30 seconds and smooth called. The turn came out and she went all-in for about $950. He went into the tank and she started needling him: "You can't call that. It's too much money. Go ahead and run like a little girl." He laughed but kept thinking. She finally said, "If you muck I'll show you my hand." 30 seconds later he folded. She immediately threw her hand into the muck and said "I lied!" I thought it was hilarious that this chick had such balls.

I really can't remember how I got busted out because I was too tired and drunk. Guess I should've stopped playing much earlier.

Morris was still playing so I went over to the blackjack tables. I lost $400 in 1 shoe. I went back to the poker room and Morris was up about $400. We still had about an hour or 2 to kill before we could check in so I bought into the $1-$2 game. Mistake. I was so bored with that game, and after playing for such big stakes on the other table, this one seemed like amateur hour. No one had any money, and a single $10 preflop raise usually bought the pot. I felt like Mikey and Vince in Swingers when they ended up at the $5 minimum blackjack table where people were hitting 19's. I played 20 hands and just couldn't take it anymore. I cashed out down $48, but still up over $800 for the night.

I convinced Morris to head over to the Bellagio. We checked in at 9am and crashed for a few hours. Day two next time...

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Posted by Anonymous zoomy, at 1:12 PM, April 10, 2005  

Great post. Been patiently waiting for days 2, 3, and 4. Get on it.


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