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…was not in the cards.

Humor is all I have at this point, as I am pretty bummed it will be another year before I have a chance to play in the WSOP again. Here is my re-cap from the weekend:

We got into Vegas late Thursday night, dropped our bags off at the room and headed down to the casino. I was anxious to try out a change in my years old craps system. Needless to say after DP and BD pooled our resources to play as a corporation we quickly turned $300 into about $1500 in about 30 minutes. We decided from there to invest those proceeds into some blackjack. Before I knew it was 7am, DP was eating a fish filet in the McDonald’s at Fitzgerald’s and I had close to $2k in my pocket….more than enough to pay for the $1500 NL WSOP event I was going to register for the next day.

Day#2 started with a little craps and blackjack to push me over the $2k mark, from there we went to lunch and I said goodbye to the guys to head down to the Rio to see what was going on there and to register for Saturday’s event. Much to my dismay there was a line down the hallway leading to the Amazon room that easily had 500 people in it. Once I got inside I could tell that they were all in line trying to register. I didn’t want any part of that so I decided to try some satellites since I had a little extra cash in my pocket. However, we had the same result there…long lines and they weren’t moving. Later I would find out that a big part of that line was the casino employees trying to register for their event that afternoon. After a few hours in a $2-$5 NL cash game at the Rio, I resigned myself to waiting in line to register. I knew I had to do it at some point and it was now or never. I walked back down the hall to the end of the line and looked at my watch…it said 7:20pm. At 10:22pm, I traded $1500 for a card that read table #55, seat #6…I was in, 3hrs and 2 minutes later ( After 5 hours of sleep and no nap I figured the best case scenario was that even though I was in Vegas I should probably hit the sack and get some much needed sleep.

Day#3 started with me rolling out of bed about 3 hours after DP and BD got back to the room. I was awake and needed to get out, eat and get ready for the day. On the way to one of the hotel restaurant’s I happened to pass the craps table and decided to play a little before breakfast. One 20-minute session later I was up another $675 (should have been $700, but apparently I can’t count and blew my last $50 thinking I had cleared the $700 mark).

With all that said, here’s the part everyone is probably wondering about. DP dropped me off at the Rio at about 11:45 and when I walked in it was a madhouse. They hadn’t opened the doors to the Amazon room yet and there were more than 2,000 people that looked ready to riot, plus there was easily another 500 in line still trying to register. I wanted to tell them that they’d never make it, but it was useless….and I was on a mission. The doors finally opened and I waded my way over to my table. As I am walking up to my table I see the dealer and shake my head and wonder if I am seeing things. It’s this guy I know from Prime (a poker room I play at near my house). What are the chances that out of 3000 seats and 300 dealers I land at the table with him…very, very weird. Anyway, after bs’ing with him for a minute I notice this girl in seat #1 who looks familiar, but I can’t place the name (she has a hat on pulled down low), then I look to the guy beside me and ask him, “is that who I think it is?”. He says yes. You might have seen her here: or maybe here: . A couple of minutes later another guy sits down in seat #9 who also looks familiar, but can’t place the name. At the table he proceeds to open his bag and pull out two bracelets, put them on and then slip on a circuit ring. I would be all about sporting a bracelet if I had one, but who puts them on in front of everyone at the table?? Later I find out when someone else asks about the bracelets that he is Scott Clements: .

On to the tourney…About 30 minutes after the tournament should have started Jeff Pollack gets on the mic to many boos and proceeds to apologize about all the lines and disorganization that has occurred including a huge debacle with their choice of playing cards this year (which some of you may have read about…they were all screwed up, but in a nutshell, unless you counted the dots on the 6 & 9 you couldn’t tell them apart). He also mentions that outside of the last two main events that this will be the biggest tournament in the history of the WSOP….interesting, I guess that explains the long lines.

Finally he announces to the dealers to shuffle up and deal. We start with $3k in chips and $25-$50 blinds. The cards are in the air…. I fold mine and proceed to watch a huge first hand. Shannon Elizabeth is in the SB and another pro I never got the name of was in the BB. We get 3 other limpers and the flops comes down 6-7-9. SB bets out $150, BB calls, as well as the other 3 players in the hand. The turn is a 5. SB bets out $400, BB calls, and 2 of the 3 remaining players call. At this point we have almost $3k in the pot and I am thinking we’ve got at least two sets out there and probably a made straight. River is an Ace. SB goes all-in, BB calls making the pot around $7-$8k. The third player goes into the tank for a good five minutes and declares he has the best hand, but hates to risk going out on the very first hand (he later says he folded pocket nines). Shannon Elizabeth flips 6-9 for two pair and then turns to the BB and says you have the eight don’t you? He says yes and we have what might be the tournament chip leader at our table less than five minutes after it started. Buh-bye American Pie…people give this guy shit for the next 10 minutes about busting her so early…pretty funny stuff…I guess celeb poker players aren’t all what they are cracked up to be?!

From there I feel like I am playing very well and almost double my stack (to $5500) by the end of the 2nd level and break #1. We come out of the break and after a few hands I look down and see K10h on the button. SB, BB (Scott Clements) and two callers get to me and I call making the pot $1000 at $100-$200 blinds. Flop comes KK6, two spades, giving me top set. SB checks, BB bets out $500, the two other players fold and I think about a raise, but decide to just call (a huge mistake in retrospect), SB folds. The turn is a red queen and the BB bets out $1500. At this point, I’m not sure what he has…do we have the same hand and I’m out about to be out-kicked, has he made a full house with K6 or QQ, is he on a flush draw, am I missing something else?? Then I make the classic mistake of going all-in when I didn’t have to. He calls and asks if I’m on a flush draw, I say no, I have top set, he says well I am. Wow…maybe I made the right choice? There are 9 spades left, one of which is the Q that fills me up, as well as the 10 I have giving him 7 outs. Well, needless to say the 2 of spades rivers me out of the tourney and I want to puke on the table. I walk outside and still have a hard time comprehending that I actual stood in line longer the day before than I actually spent playing in the tournament.

At the end of the day I could care less about the money (without stretching out the story any longer, I came home with one of my biggest wins ever after all expenses including tournament costs) I’m just sick about having to wait another year to play again. If you like poker and haven’t played in one of these I highly suggest it, once you do you might be hooked forever like me.

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