Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Posted by Dr Fro 8:34 PM
College Football Season 2007

I suppose today is the best day to de-brief on the most recent college football season.

Let's start with my pre-season predictions, shall we?

I narrowed my NC prediction down to USC, WVU and LSU. Not bad, considering they were 1, 3 and 6 to end the season. I was also right to say that LSU would not get through the SEC unscathed. What I could not have forseen was how everyone else would lose, thus allowing an LSU team with (at least) a loss in the NC game. I do wonder if we will see again in our lifetime a 2-loss national champion.

My Steve Slaton Heisman pick was off the mark.

My ballsy prediction that Florida would beat LSU twice...didn't exactly happen. But the underlying premise that Florida is better than people thought was true. Speaking of Florida, it was pretty ballsy at the time to predict that Tebow would go to NYC, but go there he did. Boy did he. (SI didn't even have him on the pre-season Heisman Watch, which included the top 8 candidates.)

I overshot on the Horns, but nailed it on the head of the nail in Fran's coffin.

So what to make of this season? Well the playoff supporters will use it as support to clamor for a playoff, but then again, if a fly sneezed, they would clamor for a playoff, too. I am still plenty pleased with the fact that college football distinguishes itself as being the only US team sport that doesn't feel compelled to crown a clear-cut champion when no team makes a clear-cut case as deserving that crown. Manufacturing the situation through a playoff doesn't satisfy me - at all.

Oregon and WVU are the biggest what-ifs. Had Dixon and White not gotten hurt, these teams may have gone undefeated. At a minimum, they might have played in the NC game with one loss. What if...

Pete Carrol continued to prove that he is human, losing to Stanford. Odds are that no sportswriter will admit that Carrol or Bob Stoops is human in our lifetime - they are both invincible.

Cal and South Florida were the biggest pretenders, rising to #2 only to completely tank down the stretch.

Speaking of Cal, do you remember in 2004 when they cried and peed in their pants and complained to their mommy that they were left out of the Rose Bowl? They claimed conspiracy even though UT DROPPED in the human polls. I guess the computers conspired. Cal proved to the world that they belonged in a BCS game by getting their ass handed to them by Texas Tech in the Holiday Bowl. Fast forward to 2007 - Missouri could have cried to their mommy, too. But they didn't. Instead, they kicked Arkansas in the nuts. Well done, Missouri. Not only did you prove that you probably were better than some BCS teams, you managed to embarrass the Hogs.

Speaking of the Rose Bowl, the Rose Bowl Committee is the most stubborn lot of aholes in sports. They mess up everything. They got their due this year by taking Illinois to preserve all that is holy and whatever only to put on one of the biggest snoozers of a bowl game. Glad we preserved that Big 10 tie-in.

The most exciting games were Fla-Mich and Tech-UVA. Unfortunately, they were ending simultaneously, so it was hard to fully enjoy either.

Kansas returns many starters and Fatty McFatpants in 2008. Thus, they should win a billion games next year. Make that a billion minus 2. Kansas doesn't get avoid UT and OU again in 2008, and I am looking forward to KU losing to both.

I was shocked to see Jamaal Charles go pro. My guess: there is more to this story. I just don't think his NFL stock is high enough to justify it...maybe Jamaal is high enough to justify it... Seriously, dude has gotta owe a brother some dough or he knocked up a ho, because I just don't think it makes sense otherwise to go pro, Yo.

Jamaal is one of the 3 fastest men in college football: JC, DeMarco Murray and Noel Devine. We will see 2/3 of this trio next year. These kids are light years faster (yes, I know that a light year is a measure of distance, not of speed or time) than any one else, LSU's Holliday included.

Early prediction for next year: UT immediately forgets what the secret ingredient was to fire them up for ASU and comes out flat in its first few games.

While I am rambling, I want to say that I thought the commentators for FOX were great, but the "studio" guys (e.g., Jimmy J, Urban Meyer, Erkyl from Family Matters and Captain Kangaroo) sucked. It was just nice to hear a perspective during the game from people other than the same shills that are always on ESPN/ABC.

Did the Big XII suck? No. Kansas, Missouri, UT, Tech and Oklahoma State looked good in their bowl games. Heck, KU knocked off the Big East champ and the appr. fourth best Big XII team, UT, beat the Pac-10 co-champ (er, runner up). So, was the Pac-10 overated? Yes. As it is every year, it is a one trick pony with USC dominating and the league dropping off after that. And I know you hate to hear it, but the SEC proved pretty convincingly once again that it is the best conference in America. Hey, I hate rednecks just as much as the next guy, but you have to be blind to not see how they are the best football conference over the last few years.

Just one more thing: it is 9:09pm in Dallas, TX, and OU still sucks.

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