Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Posted by Junelli 12:47 PM
Eliminated on the very first hand of a 3-Table $30 SNG. Not much I could do here, and I think I played it about as well as possible.

***** Hand History for Game 2629395660 *****
15/30 Tourney Texas Hold'em Game Table (NL) (Tournament 15327577) - Wed Aug 31 13:43:15 EDT 2005
Table 3 - Table(444865) Table 2 (Real Money) -- Seat 8 is the button
Total number of players : 10
Seat 1: jahausa (1000)
Seat 2: krash67 (1000)
Seat 3: KevFather187 (1000)
Seat 4: Callejo (1000)
Seat 5: LndOfPrft777 (1000)
Seat 6: junell (1000)
Seat 7: JWhite3 (1000)
Seat 8: zxrxz (1000)
Seat 9: Burt_Tastic (1000)
Seat 10: JonsBond (1000)
Burt_Tastic posts small blind (10)
JonsBond posts big blind (15)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to junell [ 8s, 8h ]
jahausa calls (15)
krash67 folds.
KevFather187 folds.
Callejo folds.
LndOfPrft777 folds.
junell raises (45) to 45
Standard raise of 3x BB

JWhite3 folds.
zxrxz folds.
Burt_Tastic folds.
JonsBond folds.
jahausa calls (30) He smooth calls the $45
** Dealing Flop ** : [ As, Kd, Ts ] Not the flop I was looking for, but I'll make a continuation bet to see where I am.
jahausa checks.
junell bets (100)
jahausa calls (100) Another smooth call. At this point I think I'm up against a bigger pair or a spade draw

** Dealing Turn ** : [ Ks ]
jahausa checks.
junell checks. Very bad card. He made his spades or Kings.

** Dealing River ** : [ 8d ] Okay, that was the perfect card. His trip Kings are no longer good. His flush is no longer good.
jahausa bets (200)
junell raises (475) to 475
jahausa raises (550) to 750
junell raises (380) to 855
junell is all-In.
jahausa calls (105)
jahausa is all-In.
Creating Main Pot with $2025 with jahausa,junell
** Summary **
Main Pot: 2025
Board: [ As Kd Ts Ks 8d ]
jahausa balance 2025, bet 1000, collected 2025, net +1025 [ Ad Ah ] [ a full house, Aces full of kings -- Ad,Ah,As,Kd,Ks ] Whoops!
krash67 balance 1000, didn't bet (folded)
KevFather187 balance 1000, didn't bet (folded)
Callejo balance 1000, didn't bet (folded)
LndOfPrft777 balance 1000, didn't bet (folded)
junell balance 0, lost 1000 [ 8s 8h ] [ a full house, Eights full of kings -- Kd,Ks,8s,8h,8d ]
JWhite3 balance 1000, didn't bet (folded)
zxrxz balance 1000, didn't bet (folded)
Burt_Tastic balance 990, lost 10 (folded)
JonsBond balance 985, lost 15 (folded)

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Posted by Junelli 5:36 PM
It’s 3:30am Monday morning, and I’m pulling into my driveway in Houston. For the past 21 hours I’ve been driving, errrr fleeing, from New Orleans. For those that may not know, the drive from New Orleans to Houston is normally about 5 hours. Yesterday it took 21 hours.

Lemme back up a second. Over a month ago my law firm made plans to take our summer clerks down to the Big Easy for one night. This was a small recruiting effort to persuade them to accept our pending job offers. Only 6 lawyers went with 7 summer clerks.

We landed in New Orleans on Saturday at 11:30am, and were only scheduled to stay for just over 24 hours. Our return flight was on Sunday at 4:30pm. I hadn’t been following Hurricane Katrina very much and wasn’t really aware of it’s magnitude, nor its path directed at us. Fortunately others were, and suggested that we rent 3 cars just to be on the safe side in case we needed to drive out of the city.

The Hurricane Gets Stronger While the Gambling Begins

After checking into the Windsor Court Hotel (which is the nicest hotel in town by the way), we go to Harrah’s located directly across the street. I play blackjack (approx. $25/hand) for 2-3 hours with the group, but am really itching to cash out and get over to the poker room. I hate blackjack and find it way too gut-wrenching. I don’t even enjoy it when I’m winning, and I’m perfectly content to not play a single hand during an entire weekend stay in Vegas. Nevertheless I know that if I run off to the poker table, I won’t see anyone and won’t be bonding with the clerks. I pay my dues for a few hours.

I walk away dead even after 3 hours and head to the poker room with McAndrew and one of our clerks. Harrah’s is spreading several games: $6-12 Limit, $10-$20 Limit, $2-$5 No Limit ($200 max buy-in), and $5-$10 No Limit ($200 minimum buy-in with no maximum). I buy into the $5-$10 No Limit game for $500. I play for 3.5 hours and don’t really get many decent cards. There is a lot of money on the table and the action is very good. I realize that in order to “make a move” on someone I’m going to have to risk my entire stack. So I decide that the better course is to just wait to get paid off with a big hand. I avoid marginal situations, but never really get much going.

Dinner is at 9:15pm, and I cash out down $70 at the poker tables. We eat at Emeril’s restaurant, and the food is fantastic. It was one of the finest meals I’ve eaten, and I suggest you try it if you haven’t already.

Meanwhile the storm has been upgraded to category 5, and is headed directly at us. People in the town are all discussing it, and many have already left. Even a few people in our group decide they want to drive back to Houston immediately after dinner. I call them chickens as they climb into their cars at 12:15am and head to Lake Charles and then Houston. Tye Hancock and I are real men. And real men stay and gamble. Who cares about a little rain, right? Wrong.

Tye and I are the only two remaining from our group, and it seems like the only two remaining in the French Quarter. The hotel is dead, and the casino traffic is very light. We head back to Harrah’s and play blackjack where I quickly win $200. He quickly loses and decides to go back to the hotel to get some sleep.

I cash out up $200 and head back to the poker room. I have to sit at a $6-$12 table while I wait, and I win another $188 before my seat at the $5-$10 NL game opens up. I buy-in for $500. The action was just as juicy as before. Two players had over $4,000 in front of them and 2-3 more had approx. $1,500, and several had $500. I was clearly short stacked, but ready to employ my same strategy of sitting and waiting in the weeds.

The cards weren’t too great, but I didn’t make many mistakes. I was scared of these guys and concentrated on playing as well as possible. I was able to win the hands I should’ve won, and get away from the hands I was losing. I had two very big hands. In the first one I turned two pair with A7 and got all my money in and won a $1,700 pot. About an hour later I got all my money in with KK against 77 and won the largest pot of my career, $4,400. I cashed out with a profit of $4,283 at the poker table. Total win for the weekend = $4,603.

About 6:15am, Harrah’s personnel announced they were closing the casino for the hurricane. I walked back to the hotel, showered, and threw my bag in the car. Tye and I were on the road at 6:45am. We mistakenly thought we wouldn’t hit too much traffic since we were leaving so early, and because the storm wasn’t due to hit until the following morning. How wrong we were.

It took us over 7 hours to drive only 50 miles, and another 14 hours to get the rest of the way home. It was incredible because the entire city was virtually under martial law. The mayor had ordered a mandatory evacuation of the city, and imposed a curfew of 6pm. They had also issued a FEMA directive that allowed government personnel to automatically commandeer any property or vehicle they deemed necessary for public use. It was clear that they weren’t messing around today.

It was also quite scary. I don’t know if any of you have seen “War of the Worlds” or the older movie “Deep Impact” but the freeways looked exactly like that. The cars weren’t moving, and people were outside just standing around on the freeway. Occasionally military helicopters, hummers, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles would blow past us. By this time, we could actually see the hurricane in the sky heading towards us. There was a gigantic wall of clouds from the horizon to the top of the sky. It was very ominous.

Also each and every gas station along the way home had a line of 10-20 cars waiting to fill up with gas. The AM radio stations were all commercial free and constantly directing everyone to leave. The Army Corps of Engineers predicted that New Orleans would be under 15-20 feet of water for several weeks. Power was going to be out citywide for over a month, and the city was going to be completely uninhabitable for at least 3 weeks. And if you waited until Sunday afternoon to try and head out of town, it was going to be too late.

After 12 hours we reached Baton Rouge (which is not very far from New Orleans). We decided to get off the freeway and head North to Alexandria before cutting back down. We moved pretty well on the back roads, but eventually hit the traffic again in Beaumont. I thought it would eventually thin out, but it never did. At 1am we were only 35 miles outside of Houston, and still sitting in stopped traffic. It was absolutely sick.

If I hadn’t won any money, the ride home would’ve been unbearable. Instead every time I started getting frustrated with the traffic, I just pulled out my wallet and counted the 51 hundred dollar bills (with a smile on my face).

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Posted by Dr Fro 9:58 AM
Junell has been driving back from New Orleans for 18 hours straight and still going.

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Posted by Dr Fro 8:44 PM
Around 6:00 this morning I was wandering around the house getting ready for a jog when my phone beeped. It was a text message from Junell who had not yet gone to bed. He was in New Orleans and was up over $4k. Expect an interesting post from Mark if and when he ever wakes up from his nap.

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Posted by Junelli 2:31 PM
From the Poker Prophecy databases. Nice batting average Morris!

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Posted by Junelli 10:19 AM
Last night I taught Morris a thing or two about a thing or two. We played a co-ed $20 tournament, and my wife (who does not know how to play) outlasted him.

I was able to quickly and summarily eliminate him by getting all of his chips in preflop. I outplayed him from the start, and my pair of Kings held up to beat his Ace high (nice hand Morris)! Morris was so upset he declared that he wasn't going to pay me the $20.

That's okay Morry. You can keep that $20, and use it for this.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Posted by Junelli 9:43 AM
Last night I watched the WPT III Championship at the Bellagio (not sure if it was a repeat). In my opinion, the show was nearly as unwatchable as Celebrity Poker Tour.

In 2 hours it seemed like they only showed about 25 hands (an average of 7 min per hand). They spent twice as much time on the drama of the flop and commentary from Vince and Mike. Also, almost every hand televised was a very weak preflop all-in. Very little poker skills are displayed by going all-in with K8 and getting called by A4. In the entire show I did not see one hand that impressed me as requiring anything more than elementary poker abilities.

And for each all-in (which was just about every hand), they would spend 10 minutes showing the players getting up from their seats and walking around near the audience while Mike chirped, "He's up a creek without a paddle." They would delay the flop to build suspense and then wait a good 2 minutes before dealing the turn and another 2 minutes before dealing the river.

To quote the movie Billy Madison, "We are all now dumber after watching you."

That's just my opinion. Does anyone else think that the quality of the show has deterioriated in pursuit of drama and higher ratings?

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Posted by Dr Fro 9:08 AM
Antigua, Bahama come on pretty mama...

Logowear is now allowed on WPT. That doesn't make it fashionable, just alllowed. Smart call in my opinion. It isn't like poker was some sacred ground that would be soiled by sponsers. Even golfers are covered in logos.

I guess there are at least 2 controversies regarding the Ivey Lisandro showdown on ESPN.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Posted by Dr Fro 8:00 AM
Yes, of course it benefits charity.

Did you hear about Lawrence Phillips? What a waste. That team with him and Tommy Frazer (sp?) is one of the most dominant I have ever seen. Many agree.

I still owe several of you a beer for the fantasy poker tournament. I'll leave it to you to remind me and cash in.

I can't believe I am the first one to spot Padilla on the net. It reminds me of Steve Martin in The Jerk finding his name in the white pages.

I can't believe I am the first one to spot Greene on the net. It reminds me of Steve Martin in The Jerk finding his name in the white pages.

If you love poker movies and our Rounders tape is wearing thin, please rent Big Hand for a Little Lady. It was always a favorite of my dad's and I fell in love with it during high school.

Off to bed...

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Posted by Junelli 3:10 PM
Here's a very interesting hand from Friday night.

The game is $2-$5 PL, and I hold AA in early position. It would be a severe understatement to call this table aggressive. There is approx $7,000 on the table, and pots were regularly over $500, and occassionally $1,000-$1,500. I raise it to $40 preflop, and get 3 callers. The pot is $160 and we see a flop of AT3 all clubs. I have top set but of course no clubs.

Swankowski is to my right and has been playing like an absolute maniac. He would call preflop raises with any two cards, and would fire chips at the pot as often as possible. He has also been chasing flushes and gutshots no matter what the odds. He's sucked out on the river on me no less than 4 times that night and won approx $1,000 (thank goodness I won it back from others).

I check first, and McAndrew also checks. The third player, Son, has also been playing like a maniac. He is into the game at least $2,500 and is playing hyper aggressive to try and get it back. The game was almost out of control.

Son bets the pot, $160, and Swankowski immediately raises the pot making it $960 to me. I hold a set of Aces and it's $960 to me!

I go into the tank for at least 5 minutes. Swank and I are friends and have played together many times. He could easily be in the hand with any two cards. More importantly, he's raised the pot no less than 25 times in the past 2 hours. It's entirely possible that he (1) has made the flush; (2) is chasing the flush; (3) has 2 pair; (4) has top pair like AK, etc. You can see how difficult this decision is for me

While I'm thinking I turn up my hand showing him and the whole table my top set. I ask him if he has the flush, and he tells me yes. I ask him again and again, each time saying, "you wouldn't lie to me would you." He looks me in the eye, and says, "get out, I have the flush."

I believe him, and decide to fold. McAndrew folds a set of 3s.

Meanwhile Son (the other player) goes apeshit that I folded three Aces. He tells me I'm a moron for folding and that he would've called in a second (he's also stuck almost $3,000). Son asks Swank if he can play my Aces, because "Junell's a puss."

Swank: "You wanna play his hand?"

Son: "Yeah, give me his cards, I'll call. I don't give a fuck!"

Swank: "Okay, give him Junell's hand."

Dealer: "You guys can't do that. The hand's dead."

Everyone: "Shut the hell up! They can do whatever they want if they agree. It's a side bet."

Dealer: Okay.

They fish my cards out of the muck. Son goes all in for $1,100. Swank turns over J2 of clubs and has the flush. The board doesn't pair and Son loses $1,100 to Swank.

I'm glad I folded, but still pissed about him calling preflop with J2.

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Posted by Johnnymac 10:03 PM
I promised you guys bathroom pictures. We got all of the walls and ceiling textured and painted this weekend - tomorrow after work I start in tiling the floor. My goal is to be done by Labor Day.

Incidentally, I did play poker on Friday night. Maybe tomorrow if I have time during the day I'll try and come up with a poker-related post.

(the vanity and mirror go against this wall, too - there will be a glass partition on top of the half wall on the right between the shower and the vanity)

And remember, this is where we started. It's really beginning to really come together and look like a room in a house instead of a construction zone.

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Posted by Dr Fro 5:38 AM
Paul Phillips exposes ESPN again. I have been meaning to comment on this hand, because I was absolutely blown away by it. But it never occured to me that it was manufactured. Now it makes more sense. Now I realize that Paul offers no proof other than logic, but I just can't imagine a pro making that laydown. Not in a tournament with a big chip lead, tons of chips invested in the pot and an opponent that is known to take stabs at pots.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Posted by Dr Fro 11:21 AM
I found a hotspot during my layover and played Party Poker on my laptop for a little bit. I folded 11 hands and then got KT from the SB. It folded around and the dealer called. I called and the BB checked his blind.

The flop brought 59J and the turn a Q. Lots of betting on the turn and then the river brought a 5. I bet and got re-raised the min, which I called. The BB had J5 and I lost to a boat.

So this all comes down to something I have never quite known: How do you play a hand from the SB that is a "trap hand" preflop? A hand like KT generally shouldn't raise from early position, but just completing the blind means that a very bad hand in the BB can play for free.

Take my situation, a raise would have forced out the BB (unless he was an idiot) and the threat of the button was very little (who wouldn't call from the button when it folds to you?) So, in the specific case of how my hand played out, a raise would have been good. But would you, without having 20/20 hindsight raised in my position?

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Posted by Junelli 10:08 AM
The streak has been broken! After losing 8 consecutive sessions, I finally managed to book a healthy win last night. I played $2-$5 PL at the Zebra, and took home $625.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Posted by Dr Fro 9:04 PM
I leave in 13 hours for Singapore where it is very illegal to play poker, so I doubt I will have much to say for a week. With Junell's hibernation and John's bathroom duties, we may be a bit dry for content. So if you have something to say, send me a note and I will make some mailbag posts.

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Posted by Dr Fro 5:04 PM
It was a good week.

I went to Chicago for a couple days for work. I got in a 4 mile jog on Lake Michigan and got to eat at Gino's, the latter being something I have done on each of my 3 trips to Chitown. Jane was in St Louis Thurs-Sun, so Fro spent the whole weekend eating healthy, going to bed early, avoiding the sauce, waking up early and not playing poker. And everything you read on the Internet is definitely true.

On Thursday I went to Jackie's and learned that they now play 2-5 NLHE one day a week - Thursday. At first I was unhappy about this, as (among other reasons) I didn't bring enough money to play 2-5. Well, I had more than the minimum, but it isnt my style to play with scared money. I like to buy the maximum buy in, fire in big bets on a regular basis and rebuy back up to the max regularly. Some things you read on the Internet are true.

It was a wild ride mainly becasue their craziest customers evidently favor the higher stakes. And since the game is only 2 weeks old, the bad players haven't been bankrupted (yet). I ended up cashing out nearly even - $5 down.

I returned on Friday for the $65 freezeout. I got 25th of 40 players by never winning a hand. I played the cash game until 2ish winning $150. My favorite quote of the night was:

"I'm not a bad poker player; I am a drunk. There is a difference." Classic.

Saturday afternoon I won $25 playing micro limits for the purpose of qualifying for my reload bonus. (yes, I had to reload the big bad 96 cents). Saturday night I played for about 8 hours and won $105. I am going to play 1 SNG right after this post and that is it. I have played 20+ hours of poker and I think I am getting sick of it. And everything you read on the Internet is definitely true.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Posted by Junelli 3:26 PM
Some of you may already know about Skype. It's an internet telephone service that lets you talk to anyone in world for free. It's the fastest growing dotcom in history (currently at 47 million users), and a lot of people speculate that it'll change the telecommunications industry. Here's the scoop:

You can talk to another Skype user anywhere in the world for free. There is no charge for international calls. You talk to each other over the Internet using a microphone or headset on your PC. The quality is great.

You can also use Skype to call a real phone anywhere in the world for about 2.5 cents per minute. We just set it up so we could talk to Dabney's sister in Switzerland. If you want to talk to people out of the country, this program is the shizzznit.


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Posted by Dr Fro 10:29 AM
Jorge is in the news again. They left out the fact that he got me drunk for the first time in my life as a freshman at LHS. It wasn't the last time.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Posted by Dr Fro 8:59 PM
We're in the movies.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Posted by Junelli 4:19 PM
I like the term "Junellean Classic"

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Posted by Junelli 10:25 AM

John - I have a better idea. Throw an interception to Claire, get her feeling good about herself. You think you can do that?

Jeremy - John, I was first team All-State. I can put the ball anywhere I want to. I'll make it rain out here.

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Monday, August 08, 2005

Posted by Dr Fro 10:56 AM
In an eight handed game, there is a 0.1241% chance on any given hand that KK and AA are both dealt.
If you play 30 hands an hour for 4.5 hours, then there is a 16% chance of it happening that night.
There is a 2.09% chance of you being the guy with KK (and that proverbial stupid look on your face)
Since there is an 82% chance of the KK losing to AA, then on Sunday night, there was a 1.73% chance of me losing with KK to AA. Put another way, if we played every Sunday for a year, I might have that happen to me about once.

I did happen to me, and it brings me to a question I have often asked....Is there any situation where you fold KK pre-flop? It is hard to come up with a scenario, because it generally involves a lot or re-raising, at which point:
a) you are more likely to be pot committed (aka getting pot odds)
b) it is more likely (because it is more worthwhile) that someone is taking a stab at the pot.
Which leads me to conclude that I can't imagine folding KK preflop. If there is not a lot of re-raising and you are in the BB for $1 and the SB raises $500, it is still pretty easy to call. The bigger his be the more likely he is on a steal.

Another thought from last night is that if we played 135 hands, then I should expect a pocket pair 8 times. I got pockets 11 times that I remember (maybe 12). You make your set about 20% of the time, but I only made 1 set. I bet and everyone folded.

I only did one good thing last night. Joel hasn't read Caro's Book of Tells, so when his hand was shaking and when he acted very nonchalant about betting the river on a paired board, I decided to call. I was planning on re-raising all in with trips, Ace kicker, but I put him on the boat. It was worth the relatively small call to find out I was right. I would have lost a lot of money if Joel had read C'sBOT. Well, I did lose a lot of money last night ($100 to be exact), but I would have lost a lot more had I re-rasied. (And before you question the wisdom of re-raising a paired board, I will point out that Joel has a tendency to bet his 2-pair on a paired board.)

But the most interesting question of the night was "Is there a difference between "gay" and "very gay"? I vote "yes", and I believe the line is drawn somewhere between Will and Jack.

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Friday, August 05, 2005

Posted by Dr Fro 10:06 AM
An offer

Next Saturday afternoon August 13, Mrs Dr Fro is in St Louis. I am looking for someone against whom I can play a heads-up freezeout. If this entices you at all, I really suck at heads-up, which explains the large number of 2nd place finishes on PartyPoker. Format: NL HE, blinds set so it should last at least 2-3 hrs. Buy in: negotiable. Highest offer probably wins. Easy money, come and get it.

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Posted by Dr Fro 10:04 AM

talk amongst yourselves...

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Posted by Junelli 9:30 AM
My sabbatical from poker began last night at 12:15am.

In my entire poker career, I've never experienced a cold streak as bad and as long. For approximately 6 weeks, I've endured loss after loss after loss. I can't explain all the reasons, but I'm sure it's a combination of poor playing, unfortunate circumstances, and bad luck. Last night's loss encompassed all 3:

Bad playing.
After initially running my stack up ~$500, I played loose/aggressive, and gave some of it back. On one hand against Swankowski, I held A8 against a board of 7889. I smooth called his underbets on both the flop and turn. The river brought a Q, and he led out for $10. I raised him to $25. He reraised the pot, making it $130 straight. For whatever reason, I really didn't believe he had the straight, and figured him for a big 8. So I called, and he turns over Q8 (rivered a full house). I misplayed this hand by (1) not raising earlier; (2) raising the river with a vulnerable hand (I should've just smooth called); and (3) not folding to his reraise on the river.

Unfortunate Circumstances:
I hold 88 in middle position. There were 3 players and the pot was $135 before the flop. The flop is A83, giving me a set of 8's. The Small Blind and I both check. The button (initial raiser and also short stack) moves all-in for $65. The SB raises all-in for $250. I thought he might be trying to isolate with a hand like AK, AQ, KK, etc., and honestly believed my 888 was the best hand (after all, there is only 1 hand that can beat me). I call, and he turns over that one hand: AA. Set over set puts him at a 95% advantage, and I lose. Unfortunate circumstances, but entirely consistent with how the past 6 weeks have been going for me.

Bad Luck:
This was the nail in the coffin. I have $225 in front me with AA. I get it all-in before the flop against Edens who holds TT. Guess what comes? You got it, a Ten. So much for being a 4:1 favorite to double up.

So that's it. I'm done playing for good long while. Maybe some time off will help me overcome permanent tilt.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Posted by Dr Fro 10:09 AM
First tournament
On the very first hand, I am all-in pre-flop with AQ against TT. I lost when he turned a 10.

Second tournament
On the third hand, I get KQ in a 4-way pot. The flop comes AJT giving me the broadway straight. Four of us end up all in. One guy has JJ and another TT, each making a set. The fourth guy is drawing to the nut (King) flush, which he gets and quadruples up.

Third tournament
On the third hand, I get AKs. I raise and get 2 callers. Ace comes on the flop, I be big, and get 1 caller. Turn is a Q, my opponent goes all-in and I call. He had QQ.

So, over 5 hands, I busted out 3 times. Twice I was way ahead and Once it was a coin toss.

Fourth tournament
Then it got weirder. I played one final tournament and got first place. The game was chock-full of bizarre hands. Alone, not one hand is all that odd, but in the context of what happened in the 3 previous tournaments, this extraordinary string of luck in my final tournament was noteworthy:
1) My pocket 8's made a set and I netted 390 TC
2) I netted 540 TC when I turned the nut flush
3) I went all-in preflop with TT. He called with AA. I netted 1235 when my pocket T's made a set. ...Lucky....
4) The next hand I flopped a straight
5) I netted 935 when my pocket 3's saw a flop of 337 to make quads. My opponent had A7 and went all in when the A came on the turn.

Well what is so amazing about the above? In all this time, I never lost more than the BB on any single hand. I had over 1/2 the chips when the next hand came up:

6). There are 5 of us left. All of the other 4 players go all in preflop with TT, JJ, AK, KT. The Jacks make a set, and there are 2 of us left.
7) In the button I flop the wheel, get a call and now have 75% of the chips. I have now been playing for 20 minutes.

It didn't take long to win after that.

So, after those first 3 tournaments when I felt the gambling gods had a mighty vengeance that they were taking out on me, I said to myself, "I simply can't get a break today".

Often the "long run" can take months to iron things out. Little did I know that the long run would arrive all within about 30 minutes.

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Monday, August 01, 2005

Posted by Dr Fro 2:37 PM

On Saturday, Beavis and I went to play $1-$2 NL for a couple hours before our big night out. The plan was to win enough money to pay for the night.

I usually only write about hands when either a) there is some great lesson to learn and the hand provides a perfect example or b) I am soliciting advice on a hand where I believe I made a mistake. The hand I wish to discuss from Saturday was neither.

We were there for 2 hours, and I was at the end of my time limit. (Ever since I read that Daniel N. sets time limits on himself, I have followed his lead). Beavis had already cashed out and I told the table it was my last hand. I straddled for $4 and the guy to my left opened the pot for $15. I called with JJ and it was heads up. The flop came three hearts, all lower than Jack.

He bet, and I raised. Being in the straddle and knowing this was my last had, I think he thought I was messing around. He also knew that the 3 hearts were a bit scary. I decided that his bet was just to drive me out, so I re-raised all-in. He called. We are both in this hand for about $200 a piece. He turns over AhKs for 2 overcards and a flush draw. That is 14 outs for him - about a coin toss at this point.

A very, very bad card came on the turn, a king. Now he was ahead and I needed a Jack to win. Of course the J of hearts would make him a flush, so I had 1 out.

The next card was my Jack. I won a $400 pot hitting my 1 out. Cha-freakin-ching. I cashed out and headed to Fireside Pies for the victory dinner. He left the cardroom before I had even had the chance to offer my condolences.

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Posted by Johnnymac 10:46 AM
Updated bathroom pictures, because I have nothing else to post. In my zeal to be productive yesterday I did the wall around the window incorrectly so I will be redoing that wall before I start taping (and there is a lot more sheetrock left to be hung before I can think about taping).

Insulation iwas nstalled last week and I passed the final "open wall" inspections on Friday:

So this weekend I started in with the sheetrock:

Just think, someday there will be a nice place for people to crap when they come play in the garage game.

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